Dr. S.S Hiremanth, Chief Administrative Officer/Dy. Hospital Director

Kist Medical College
This is to certify that M/S B & B Inc. Pvt. Ltd. having its registered office at lalitpur, Nepal has successfully completed the projects for ESE External Lightning Arrestor (LIP, Australia) Lighting protection system and advance earthing system (Ashlok Safe Earthing Electrode, Chennai, India) at our hospital and basic science complex in Lalitpur, Nepal. Under the project, the company was required to deliver and install the external lightning protection systems for protection of the building and open area space against direct lightning strike. Also Ashlok Safe Earthing Electrodes were installed of totally maintenance and corrosion free earthing system with earth's conductivity improving compound. To our standards and expectations, the installed modules manufactured by Lightning Protection International Pty. Ltd, Australia, Ashlok Safe Earthing Electrode Limited, India are working perfectly with periodic follow-ups and services from the company. Based on the quality of the products and services offered by the company, we have found the company to be a professional one and wish them good luck for the future projects.