Shortwave Diathermy with Disk (500Watts)


Shortwave Diathermy/500W is precisely manufactured by utilizing superior grade stainless steel and other components under the guidance of experienced professionals in accordance with set market standard. The offered machine is used for treatment of inflammatory diseases and cures arthritis, rheumatism, sprain etc problems. This device is mainly demanded by hospitals and private physiotherapy centers. Besides, our clients can get the provided Shortwave Diathermy/500W in various specifications at nominal prices.

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Product Description

Shortwave Therapy has been specially designed for Hospitals , Physio Therapy Center where the machine is required to run constantly for many hours to cooperate  with the rush of patients. Due to heavy duty components and rigid construction this equipment is most suitable for continuous use. Treatment time switch is provide to start the machine. This timer switch automatically disconnects the circuit at the completion of predetermined dosage time. The intensity of heat can be adjust by output control Rotary Switch in 5 Steps. The machine is provide the wide tuning range to work with all types of condenser pads. The output can be adjust as per requirement of the patients under treatment. The unit has a Maximum output of 500 Watts. The operation Frequency is 27.12 MHZ. It has got a build in valve safety circuit for extra life of the valve.

Special Features:

  • Built in 4″ heavy duty cooling fan to keep the valve of the machine cool and there by extend the life of the valve.
  • Provision of Ready delay circuity. High Voltage of the machine is switched on after a delay when the valve has been preheated.
  • Built in protective circuit breaker for automatic switch off in case of short circuit.
  • Automatic German Treatment Timer 0-30 minutes. It switched off the SWD 500w after the preset time.


Power Output: 500 Watts RF
Operating Frequency: 27.12 Mhz
Wavelength: 11 Meters
RF Power Source: Triode Valve
Fuse: 5 Amp
Main Supply: 220V/50 Hz


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