Surge / Powerline Protection

Modern industrial, commercial, and residential life depend on the availability of electricity. The electricity supplied must be at a level of quality to facilitate efficient performance of today’s sensitive electronic equipment.
Our dependence on electricity and the prevalence of more and more sensitive electronics make a reliable source of high quality power essential to modern life. Yet, disruptions can and do occur. In fact, one estimate by utility industry experts suggests that power-related problems cost U.S. companies more than $80 billion a year. When evaluated from a system level, effects on business include: high maintenance costs, high production costs, production delays, lost sales, late deliveries, an idle workforce, and increased spoilage and scrap. (Source: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory). Surge protective devices (SPDs) protect sensitive electrical equipment from harmful surges.
Surges are a natural result of any electrical activity. They have always occurred in electrical systems; however, the reliance on equipment containing sensitive electronics has increased the need to control the damaging effects of surges on electrical systems.