B. & B. Inc. Pvt. Ltd. (Known in Market as B. & B. Inc.) is fully owned private company and provider of direct lightning strike, surge and transient protection equipment and advance earthing solutions to wide range applications throughout the country since a decade. We also provide medical equipments with specialization in physiotherapy, maintenance and quality assurance (QA) certified machines.

B. & B. Inc. have combined experience over many years in servicing customers throughout the country. Our experience covers projects in some of the most lightning prone areas. Our personnel have vast experience in providing direct strike area protection, surge and transient protection and earthing solutions. Our extensive experience has involved system design, certification and installation and commissioning in key industry groups.

Industrial Facilities

Hospitals & Research Centers

Telecommunication & Broadcasting

High Rise buildings & Apartments

Aviation & Civil Military

Defence communication & Surveillance

Power Generation & Distribution

Monuments & Others